Monday, May 6 2024

12 Minute AMRAP:

12 Kettlebell Swings 24/16kg RX+ 32/24kg MRX 20/12kg

12 Kettlebell Goblet Lunges (alternating, stationary)

12 Box Jumps 24″/20″ RX+ 30″/24″ MRX 20″/18″

1 Rope Climb 15′ RX+ 1 Legless 15′ MRX 10′

19 thoughts on “Monday, May 6 2024”

  1. Our team did an awesome job!! Proud of you guys!! I continually am impressed by your tenacity , strength and endurance. Oozing awesomeness at CFHsV!! 💪🏼

  2. Congrats to the CFHSV Athletes!
    A1: 185(7) – 205(6) – 225(5) – 225(4)
    A2: 10-10-10-10
    B: 3+0 Rx
    C: complete

  3. It was quite an impressive feat to have a team qualify in the toughest region of the CrossFit Games. That’s no hyperbole either – unquestionably the toughest region in the world for individuals or teams.

    It might be more impressive that these four are full time ‘people’ too. They each have full time jobs, families, and responsibilities aside from training. Pretty cool that they were able to earn a spot along with juggling life’s demands.

    BAILEY – She’s one of those Arsenal folks that can’t tell us exactly what she does cause it’s so secret. But it’s no secret she qualified for Semi-Finals last year as an individual in Orlando. Home grown from a teenager to a part time Coach to a CrossFit competing athlete. She bad y’all…but grounded and kind

    FREEMAN – A true Bostonian living in Bama and making sure Rockets rocket the right way. He’s a world class rower who loves Row Boating at CrossFit speed. He also helps out at the gym behind the scenes to make sure we run efficiently. His engine and endurance rival no one…a true freak

    ALEX – A world class international Baker and all things foodie. He caters weddings, showers, and get togethers of all kinds. That’s his part time gig when he’s not engineering at the highest level. Last but not least he’s a part time coach at CFHSV too. His hobbies and skills are always growing and he’s known for excellence in all matters that concern care, skill, and detail.

    MANDEE – My personal favorite and still showing out with the youngins at an unmatched pace. Your Chief Gym Operator, Level 3 coaching, master of all things that matter, and always behind the curtain. She’s a workhorse in and out of the gym and does so with grace and beautifully braided hair. I’ll stop now but I’ll remind her and y’all she’s a dream come true

    Special thanks to :

    Griffin, Madison, Harris, Claudia, Matrice, and Cherokee who all performed WODs before the Team in an effort to help. Awesome and selfless of them all and it made a huge difference.

    Way to go Team CFHSV

  4. This year’s QF were a blast and it was an honor to participate alongside such amazing people, who happen to be incredible athletes as well!

    One more shout out to all of the CFHSV individual and age group Quarterfinals participants that showed up and threw down inspiring scores; y’all crushed it!

    4+28 Rx+

  5. A. Front Squats: 255×7, 275×6, 295×4, 310×2

    B. 2 + 26 Rx (whew, was not feeling it), I hope the old adage is true: It’s the days when the body aches, the desire is low, You feel tired and You feel weak…Those are the days when Champions TRAIN !!

  6. A: E2mom, Alt FrontSquats and BackSquats –
    FS – 155(7)-185(6)-215(5)-240(4)
    BS – 155(7)-185(6)-215(5)-240(4)
    B: 5 rds, scaled/24kg/24”
    (12 kbs/12 kbgoblunges/12 bj/10 ringrows w/feet elevated on bench)

  7. Thanks to Nate and everyone else for the kind words! Couldn’t ask for a better team to throw down with, and support us behind the scenes. Proud of all of you!!


    5+1 Rx+

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