Coaches and Staff

Good Coaches become guides on your path to achievement.

Great Coaches use sport as a means to teach life. We want to be both.

At CrossFit Huntsville you will have a multitude of professional CrossFit Trainers, Specialty Coaches as well as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach to help you reach your health, wellness, fitness, and competition goals.

CrossFit Huntsville Coaches come from a robust background of fitness training and competition committed to the art of coaching and to the success and well-being of our Athletes. 

Furthermore, CrossFit Huntsville Coaches are scheduled in a balanced way so all athletes get consistent and high standard coaching from a variety of coaches to provide fresh, motivated, and knowledgeable coaching to avoid only having one morning or evening coach be your guide.  You will have a dedicated team of experienced coaches to help you achieve success in a safe constructive fashion.

Our Coaches

Nathaniel Stearns

CFHSV Full-time Coach and Business Manager

Mandee Stearns

CFHSV Full-time Coach, CCFT L-3, PN-L2 & Business Manager

Clair Lee

CrossFit Huntsville Yoga Instructor

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